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Elite Cameras want to invite the people to make their pitch with us. We are looking for individuals who can contribute with the information and insights they have. We would love to hear from you and the things that you can share. There are millions of people who are always waiting for the contents we release because we provide information in a very entertaining way. You can be:

–    A reporter

–    A journalist

–    A celebrity

–    Or someone who had an experience with elite dating

Don’t hesitate to share what you have in mind. We are open for all the things that you share with the public. If you have some pieces of advice and tips that can benefit the people, we will appreciate if you can make use of our site to tell the world about it.

If this gets your interest, call us or send us an email including your pitch. You can send it at Please make sure that you can include your name and contact information. Our editors will be in touch with you to discuss the details before we can feature your pitch.

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