Is Dslr Camera Allowed In Flight Indigo

Hey everyone! If you’re a photography enthusiast, or just someone who loves to take pictures with your DSLR camera, then this article is for you.

I’m sure many of us have wondered if we can bring our cameras on flights with Indigo Airlines – and the answer may surprise you. In the next two paragraphs, I’ll discuss what’s allowed when it comes to bringing DSLR cameras onboard Indigo flights – so read on!

The good news is that yes, taking your DSLR Camera in flight with Indigo airlines is totally permissible. However, there are certain regulations and considerations to keep in mind before packing up your gear for takeoff.

Knowing these guidelines will help ensure that both you and your equipment make it through airport security safely and smoothly. So let’s dive into all the details regarding flying with an SLR camera on Indigo airlines!

Regulations For Carrying A Dslr Camera On An Indigo Flight

I’m sure many photographers have wondered if they can bring their DSLR camera on an Indigo flight. The good news is that you can definitely take your DSLR camera with you in-flight, as long as you adhere to the airline’s packing logistics and guidelines.

When it comes to packing your equipment for a trip, I always recommend bringing along protective cases or bags for any type of photography gear. Make sure all loose items are securely fastened in these cases so they don’t shift during transport. Additionally, be aware of any size or weight restrictions when checking in at the airport counter. For example, some airlines limit carry-on luggage to 7kgs (15lbs) including the contents inside the bag.

At security checkpoints, expect additional scrutiny when carrying professional grade cameras since x-ray machines might require manual checkups by staff members due to their higher sensitivity levels. That said, make sure your batteries are properly charged before entering screening areas and follow instructions from TSA agents throughout this process.

With proper preparation and communication with personnel, flying with a DSLR camera should go smoothly!

Preparing For Airport Security

When flying with an airline, it is important to carefully prepare for airport security.

I make sure that all my equipment such as a DSLR camera is stored safely and securely in a bag or case so that it isn’t damaged during transit. It is also important to remember not to check the camera if at all possible since you won’t have direct access to it while traveling.

Additionally, I ensure that any batteries are well-secured and placed inside the bag where they cannot be accidentally activated.

When going through security, I double check that my camera gear is secure and properly stowed away before putting the bag on the conveyor belt. This helps me avoid delays due to having items out of place when passing through screening.

Furthermore, I always take special care when packing my bags so nothing can cause damage during inspection by TSA agents.

In addition to careful preparation for airport security screenings, I also try to maintain good communication with personnel throughout the process. By being cooperative and understanding of their job responsibilities, I can help create a positive environment for everyone involved and reduce potential stressors related to carrying photography equipment on board an airplane.

Restrictions On Batteries And Chargers

I’m really curious to know if I can bring my DSLR camera on an Indigo flight?

I know that lithium-ion batteries are restricted, so I’m wondering if my charger and power bank will be allowed too.

I understand that chargers don’t pose a risk, but I’m not sure if power banks are allowed.

Can someone please clarify the restrictions on batteries and chargers so I can be sure I can bring my camera?

Lithium-Ion Batteries

When it comes to staying safe while flying, one of the most important things is knowing the restrictions on batteries and chargers.

Lithium-ion batteries are a common power source for many devices today including DSLR cameras, so understanding their safety requirements is essential when taking them on an Indigo flight.

I know that power levels can make all the difference in a lithium-ion battery’s performance, but I also recognize how crucial it is to be aware of its safety precautions.

A few simple steps like keeping loose batteries in separate cases or bags from each other and turning off any device powered by these types of batteries during takeoffs and landings will ensure better protection against potential hazards.

With this knowledge in hand, traveling with your DSLR camera should be no problem at all!

Power Banks

Power banks are another common device used to power our devices, and they can be just as risky when it comes to flying.

It’s important to remember that the total weight of batteries and chargers brought on board should not exceed 5 kilograms.

This includes any portable battery packs or power banks you might want to take with your camera.

So if your DSLR weighs more than 3kg, then this would already put you over the limit for safe air travel.

Additionally, all lithium-ion batteries must have a maximum power output under 100Wh so make sure that the specs of any power bank meet these requirements before taking off!

With these considerations in mind, traveling with a camera powered by a power bank is possible – but just do some extra research first!

Airline Policies Regarding Cameras

It’s natural to wonder if you can bring your DSLR camera on an Indigo flight. After all, it’s a valuable piece of equipment and you won’t want to leave it behind! Fortunately for photographers, the airline does allow cameras onboard their flights as long as they meet certain size requirements.

However, there are a few things to consider before bringing one with you. When packing your camera, make sure that it is within the weight limit set by Indigo Airlines. Depending on the type of bag you’re carrying it in, this could range from 6kg up to 12kg per person. If your camera exceeds these limits, then it will have to be checked into baggage instead – so double-check that its total weight falls below the maximum allowance first!

Additionally, keep in mind that hand luggage should not exceed cabin dimensions either; otherwise it might incur extra fees or even be refused at check-in. So while DSLR cameras are allowed onboard Indigo flights, do take note of any restrictions regarding size or weight when packing them away. This way, you’ll be able to avoid surprises during check-in and ensure that your trusty companion makes the journey with you!

Tips For An Easy Flight Experience

With all the restrictions and policies that airlines have in place when it comes to cameras, I wanted to make sure my DSLR camera was allowed on Indigo flights. Thankfully, Indigo does allow passengers to bring their DSLR camera onboard with them as a carry-on item.

Now that I know my camera is welcome on board, I want to make sure everything goes smoothly so I can enjoy every moment of my flight experience.

There are some packing tips you should keep in mind if you plan on bringing your DSLR camera along for the ride. To start off, don’t pack any extra accessories or lenses in your checked luggage; always bring those items separately in your carry-on bag for easy access during security checks.

Furthermore, remember to remove any batteries from your camera before checking it into baggage claim. This will help reduce the risk of damage due to temperature fluctuation while sitting in storage. Lastly, consider investing in an appropriate carrying case specifically designed for protecting cameras and lenses during transport.

Finally, if you do decide to take your DSLR camera with you on a trip, be sure to follow proper care instructions both before and after each use. Cleaning sensors regularly and ensuring battery contacts stay dust free will help ensure long term performance of your device.

Also, don’t forget to back up photos periodically throughout the day! Taking these simple precautions will guarantee a stress-free journey with memories captured beautifully through your lens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Size Limit On Dslr Cameras Allowed On An Indigo Flight?

Yes, you can bring a DSLR camera on an Indigo flight!

However, there are some weight and battery limits that you should be aware of.

The maximum permissible weight limit for the entire bag carrying your DSLR is 7 kgs.

Additionally, any spare batteries must have a rating of 100Wh or less and cannot exceed 2 gms per cell or 8gms in total.

So if your camera has a long battery life, you won’t need to worry about taking spares with you.

Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Bringing A Dslr Camera On An Indigo Flight?

Yes, there are additional fees associated with bringing a dslr camera on an Indigo flight.

It’s important to be aware of the airline’s baggage limits and any applicable carrying fees before you travel.

To ensure that your DSLR camera is allowed onboard, it’s best to check with the airline ahead of time – they may have specific guidelines for what kind of photography equipment can be brought onto their flights.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Dslr Cameras Allowed Per Passenger On An Indigo Flight?

If you’re planning on flying with a DSLR camera, you’ll be glad to know that there isn’t a limit on the number of cameras allowed per passenger when travelling with Indigo Airlines.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that all baggage must meet certain weight and battery requirements.

In terms of weight, your bags should not exceed 15kgs for domestic flights or 40 kgs for international ones.

As far as batteries go, they shouldn’t have more than 160Wh if they’re lithium ion and 100Wh if they’re nickel-metal hydride.

If either of these criteria are exceeded, then an additional fee may apply.

Are Dslr Lenses Allowed On An Indigo Flight?

If you’re traveling with a DSLR camera, you may be wondering if the lenses are allowed on an Indigo flight.

The good news is that yes, DSLR lenses are permitted as carry-on items.

Just make sure to follow some simple packing advice and travel tips when flying with your lenses.

Have the lens in its original packaging so that it can easily fit in your bag or suitcase and doesn’t get damaged during transport.

Also, keep any small accessories like filters or hoods inside the original case for added protection.

Following these few steps will ensure your journey goes smoothly!

Is There A Dedicated Storage Space For Dslr Cameras On An Indigo Flight?

Yes, there is dedicated storage space for DSLR cameras on an Indigo flight!

When packing your camera, make sure it doesn’t exceed the baggage weight limit.

Additionally, you may want to consider wrapping or padding your camera in layers of clothing or bubble wrap before placing it into your checked-in luggage bag.

These simple tips can help ensure that your DSLR arrives safely at its destination.


Yes, you are allowed to bring a DSLR camera on an Indigo flight.

You can bring up to two cameras and their respective lenses in your carry-on bag without any additional fees or size limits.

However, you should be aware that there is no dedicated storage space for this type of equipment on the plane so make sure it is securely packed away during take off and landing.

Overall, traveling with your DSLR camera onboard an Indigo flight doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you follow the airline’s guidelines and take proper precautions for its safety.

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